Bullseye’s Family

World Leader in Innovation:  We Specialize in Beginners

When you Compare services in any industry, you will find ‘Professionals & Posers’ ; the Paintball Industry is no different. The Problem: Posers sound  like Professionals, but there is a BIG difference between the two. Let’s expose what others try to hide:


Others use High Impact (Pain is Inevitable)                                                   

TAG Bans High Impact because it hurts too much (excessive). Instead TAG uses a specially created formula: Medium Impact © (Pain is Preventable) This is a 50+% Reduction in Pain (Joules of Energy ie Pain)  Fun Factoid: TAG Invented Medium Impact © Formula (over 10+ yrs in R&D and $500,000+ was invested to create a better paintball experience)            


Others don’t test paintballs (Impossible when they allow players to bring them in).  TAG’s attorneys call this behavior: Negligent.

TAG tests each new lot number of paintballs before use. They must meet Bullseye’s high standards: non staining, accuracy, 14% less mass, elastic test (less than 150 newton/meters, etc.) No one else has such standards.  


Another TAG Innovation: actually ‘paying’ players to be good which eliminating (95+%) of the following: “Potty Mouth, Lord’s Name in Vain, Blind/Friendly Fire, Shooting Too:  Close/Many Times/HOT/Dead players, etc.     


Others: ~6 Games per day.  TAG: ~12 Games per session

TAG is 4x MORE EFFICIENT than others. We can accomplish MORE in 3 hrs than others can’t do all weekend!!! Your Time is IMPORTANT (and we VALUE it!!) 



Better efficiency = Better Value = More Games Played…the Better you Become…FASTER! The TAG model is so revolutionary that we believe this to will become another industry standard. 



Others have an ave of only 4 courses (usually one type…limited) unfortunately varying poor quality. TAG has 12 courses (various types) and good quality (most with 5-Star.Ratings). TAG has some SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED courses for Beginners; a very expensive, (over $50,000 in materials) CQB that law enforcement uses weekdays; Trenches (created by a decorated US Marine), A Paintball Fort, multiple Speedball courses, Fox Holes, Natural Terrain (river bed). Another amazing feature…they can be COMBINED to create LARGER and more dynamic courses…never boring or static.  


BEST PAINTBALL STAGING AREA:                                                         

TAG invested more money on their Staging Area than other park paid for all their hard bunkers!! TAG has Picnic Tables/Benches Under Shaded Aluminum Awnings to keep sun/rain off you between games. In Summer, TAG uses MISTERS (40ft long, 2 gal/minute, 1000psi to drop up to 30 degrees!!)  Staging Area is protected by netting 12′ tall. As netting wears, it inevitably gets holes in them. So far, no paintball park in CA has properly (ASTM Standards) repaired these. To properly maintain safety at TAG, we simply DOUBLED the netting to ensure integrity. Yes, is is the most expensive solution…but what is your safety worth to you?  


MORE COOL (and unique) AMENITIES:     

A) Misters under the aluminum awnings for Summer coolness (1000psi drops temps up to 30 degrees). B) Multiple Sniper Towers (for spectators to take Aerial Photography/Videos) C) TAG purchased over 200 specially made 300rnd hoppers (only 1000 were made before they broke the mold). D) Paintball Archery 


STAINING PAINTBALLS:                                                            

Other CA paintball park allows PERMANENTLY STAINING paintballs in their park. EVIDENCE: Look at their park There is not enough rain in California to wash away those stains!

NOTE: other parks HIDE current course photos (only up close shots of posed players) on their sites. Dishonesty is disgusting. 

TAG’s BOLD CLAIM:  effectively bans all staining paintballs. Verify this for yourself: See park’s cleanliness in person. ACID TEST: see in real time photos/videos on Social Media).



Ave park in California allows players with own gear to bring own paintballs. This can give a huge advantage. Worse, they ban ‘rental players’ from doing same. This “Double Standard” ensures unfairness. Even worse, to save money (rental players can’t tell the difference without testing them…or them being testing on them) others use cheap paintballs to save money. This ‘Cutting-Corner’ technique is a dirty little secret that they want to remain hidden. 

TAG has only One Standard which ENSURES FAIRNESS at TAG. Everyone uses the same projectile, same propellant, same platform. HOW ELSE CAN YOU BE FAIR?!   TAG doesn’t compromise like others.

When investigating others, ask this ONE SIMPLE QUESTION:

“Can Self-Equipped players to bring in their own paintballs?”

If the answer is ‘Yes’, get away from that park (unless you like being treated unfairly, have an unfair advantage against you, like excessive pain and your clothes permanently stained). It is frightful how much rests on the quality of the paintball!


YEARS of EXPERIENCE:                                                                                              

Est in 1984, TAG is the 5th Oldest Paintball Company in the World. (Wanna take a guess who was selected to get Paintball in the 2028 Olympics?)



Since 1984, TAG has always remained open (Never Closed)  due to weather “There’s never a weather problem, only a planning problem”                   

 (See our FAQ Section: “What to Wear“) 

CUTTING CORNERS:                                                                                                                                      

It’s a sad fact of life: Struggling companies cut corners. Instinctively you know this is true (ever eat at a restaurant that never has customers in it?) You can see the signs in paintball parks: 1) lack of players, 2) lack of reviews (good or bad) 3) lack of care (stained bunkers, run down looking…almost like you need a tetanus shot to play there) 4) cheap pricing with cheap paintballs (usually from  China) 5) lack of basics (LIABILITY INSURANCE, paying refs under the table, etc). 

TAG doesn’t cut corners…TAG doesn’t compromise.


HOW MUCH DOES IT REALLY COST?                                                                                                                                       

You are not paying for Paintball, you are paying for memories. If you believe you save a few dollars yet, walked away with excessive bruises and welts, have your clothes ruined by permanently staining paintballs, getting out gunned, standing around all day to play only 6 games…WHERE’S THE SAVINGS??!!  

TAG isn’t in the paintball business, we are in the re-booking business. If you don’t feel its worth it, you wont come back and we have failed.  Others are running a 90+% attrition rate, TAG is running a 90+% Retention Rate. This fact says it all.           

We started in 1984 with a simple mission…to give our best:

TAG has remained the undisputed leader in Northern/Central California that other look to follow TAG’s innovations that are now industry standards.

In 1986, TAG hired Bullseye (later became the owner) and became an industry leader with over 30+ years of innovations. With a long list of accomplishments (pro player, air technician, assisted in creating Int Org, exposed toxic practices, safety advocate, reduced pain by over 50+%, writer, etc) His next goal:  get Paintball into 2028 Olympics.