Does it hurt?

HIGH IMPACT DOES (that's why we Banned it for renters). We do offer it for Self Equipped players on far side of property.      

MEDIUM IMPACT © is Moderate. It will Sting. TAG invested over $500,000 & 10yrs in R&D to reduce over 50+% from High Impact. 

Low Impact is lighter, we took the information from our research and applied it to the 50cal platform to achieve over 90+% reduction from High Impact.    

What should it feel like?

It should feel like the sting of a rubber band snap (lasts about 10 seconds)

Note: It could cause slight redness and maybe more harsh skin issues (see high Impact) although skin damage is not common.

Why no definitive answer? Two main factors:

    1.) Clothing (please read our FAQWhat Should I Wearsection)

Through a sweatshirt, it’s hardly anything. On bare skin…all bets off!

    2.) “Skin Type” (athletic/outdoor skin, mind-set, etc) This is a major variable and is 100% dependent on the person.

If someone is ‘sensitive’ then this may not be a good fit.

What should I wear?

Long pants and long sleeves that you don't mind getting dirty, layering your clothes is a great idea.

Closed toed shoes only, NO sandals or opened toed shoes!

Do paintballs stain?
OURS DON'T!! We are the ONLY park to Guarantee it in writing.

​Dirty Little Secret: Others allow paintballs that stain to be used, regardless of what they claim. Proof? Simply look at their park as evidence!! Don't take our word for's disgusting.                 

What is the minimum age?       

8 Year old. (Low Impact Markers Recommended)

What are normal park hours?       

Weekends: 9-4pm

(most holidays)

Weekdays: By Appointment

OFFICE HOURS are M-F (to answer questions via phone/email)

Note: If you call on the weekends, we may not answer. We have paid players in front of us (with loaded paintball markers). We will try to return calls timely.


Do you play in the RAIN, EVEN DURING DOWN POURS??

YES. Since 1984, we have NEVER CLOSED due to weather.

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad planning". 

BONUS: Plastic trash bags make great makeshift ponchos.
BONUS: Bring no fog wipes/spray for goggles. We sell wipes.

Do I need to bring/rent any special protective gear? 

NO. It's not needed with Medium/Low Impact!

Are Dogs (pets) Allowed?

NO, sorry. Dogs love to EAT paintballs (and there are A LOT on the ground) and its not good for them (throwing up & diarrhea).

Also, we have had irresponsible owners in the past (incessant barking, whining, not picking up the poop, and one player got bit) That's enough for us. It just takes one person to ruin it for everyone.

In addition, pets are distracting and distractions are not safe.

Lastly, paintball parks are a 'gun-noise' environment which isn't a healthy environment for pets (terrifies some breeds).

We love animals TOO MUCH for this. Sorry 🙁